Dynamic Web Development with Ajax, jQuery, and JSONP


Frontend web developers must be somewhat familiar with the jQuery JavaScript library. This open source solution gives birth to a whole new method of coding website animations and effects. I remember first getting started with JavaScript in early 2003-2004 and the field was ripe with great information.

But modern day web developers have access to many more resources and tutorials online. Specifically I’d like to use this article to look into the jQuery.ajax() method for calling asynchronous data without reloading the page. AJAX(Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) was a hot buzzword along with web 2.0 but it has now evolved into a technology which even beginners should understand.

14 Useful Sites for Designers


In this article I list several useful tools for designers to simplify their work. Many of these tools are very simple but they allow us to save a lot of time.

36 Mobile Responsive Website Layouts in iOS Safari


Responsive website design are some of the most advanced trends we can see bridging the gap between desktop and mobile. There are more Internet users on mobile devices and tablet PCs than ever before. And designers are crafty people who pick up on these statistics. There are so many great examples of modern website layouts with responsive functionality.

In this gallery below I’ve put together a complete set of websites based on a responsive design. You can find inspiration for navigation menus, headers, and completely fluid layout schemes. It will take practice but once you find success in responsive design it’s a powerful tool for web developers.

30 Outstanding Examples of Macro Photography

30 Outstanding Examples of Macro Photography

Macro photography gives us the opportunity to see our world in a little more detail and from some different and interesting angles. Macro lenses are capable of achieving higher magnification than life size, enabling the photographer to show us things we can’t see with the naked eye, such as insect eyes. Here is a selection of some outstanding examples of macro photography bringing us closer to nature.

28 Exciting New jQuery Tutorials & Plugins


The open source movement has created a lot of new web developers. Over the past decade it’s been common to work on code projects in a private setup. But libraries such as MooTools and jQuery allow for rapid development of newer plugins and add-ons.

In this gallery I’ve collected 28 plugins for jQuery users. Some of the plugins also include a tutorial for building it yourself, but all the links have a free download included. This gives you incredible flexibility when constructing a new website. If you know of any similar JS libraries recently published on the web you can share with us in the comments area below.

Home page and Landing Page client-catching content: what readers want


There are so many various names to define the first page of a website that even many graphic designers get confused. Distinguishing among them is very important because each has a different goal. Home page, landing page, squeeze page are only a few examples, and you can probably find even more. All of them represent the very first approach for potential clients to your website.

Putting order in definitions is important to create meaningful content. A valuable first contact can open the door to success. Content and graphic elements not only have to be attractive and beautifully designed but also consistent and aimed towards the intent.

In this article we will see Home Page, Landing Page, Squeeze Page definitions and differences.

25+ Beautifully Designed Animal-Related Websites

Beautifully Designed Animal-Related Websites

Animal-related websites, you would think, would be stunning in their design… after all, they have the most photogenic of subjects to work with, and coupled with a wildlife-type theme, the resulting designs could be outstanding. However, this genre of website design seems to have been, in the most part, left behind in terms of producing the ‘wow’ factor, ease of navigation and lots of whitespace so visitors can find exactly what they are looking for in the least time possible.

So here is a round-up of some animal-related sites that have moved their designs into the 21st Century and make an impact either through their great design or ease of navigation or both.

30+ Amazing Examples of Surreal Photography

30+ Amazing Examples of Surreal Photography

Surreal art, according to Wikipedia is ‘work featuring the element of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions and non sequitur…’

Surrealism until relatively recently was to be found mainly in traditional art, the most famous surreal artist being Salvador Dali.

These days, with the growth of digital art, there are many surreal photo manipulations, digital drawings as well as, of course, traditional art. Surrealism can also be seen in photography. The requirements for a good surreal photograph are many and varied – it may be a weather condition, a shot of a reflection, a different angle/perspective or a completely set up composition.

35 Beautiful and Usable Minimal Desktop Wallpapers

35 Beautiful and Usable Minimal Desktop Wallpapers

Wallpaper seems to be a very important part of computer users’ libraries these days. If you keep a lot of icons on your desktop, a busy wallpaper will only hinder you navigating your computer. That’s where minimal wallpapers come in to their own – you have lots of space for loads of icons to be seen clearly.

Here we have selected 35 stunning minimal wallpapers for your pleasure, whether your preference is a light or dark wallpaper, there should be something here for every taste.

30 Creative Web Designs Running on WordPress


While WordPress started as – and remains – a blogging platform, it’s also the world’s most popular and affordable CMS platform. Which means it is used for much more than blogging. In fact, with the right combination of design and developmental add-ons the WordPress platform can become just about any type of website imaginable.

Which is why we thought it would be fun to put together a collection of 30 inspiring examples of what some companies, designers, and developers are doing with WordPress. Check out our picks and let us know what you think!

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