36 Mobile Responsive Website Layouts in iOS Safari

Responsive website design are some of the most advanced trends we can see bridging the gap between desktop and mobile. There are more Internet users on mobile devices and tablet PCs than ever before. And designers are crafty people who pick up on these statistics. There are so many great examples of modern website layouts with responsive functionality.

In this gallery below I’ve put together a complete set of websites based on a responsive design. You can find inspiration for navigation menus, headers, and completely fluid layout schemes. It will take practice but once you find success in responsive design it’s a powerful tool for web developers.

Apache CouchDB

Apache CouchDB responsive open source


Snopp design, identity and branding website

Build 2012

Microsoft Windows 7/8 Build Conf 2012


iOS iPhone Mobile responsive Starbucks website layout


Fiafo website agency responsive design

Dusty Cartridge

Dusty Cartridge website responsive layout

Bodhum Network

Bodhum video game fansites mobile responsive

From the Front 2012

From the Front conference 2012 design

Sycamore School

Sycamore School responsive mobile website

Heroku Status

Heroku status website responsive layout

Jeff Croft

Jeff Croft portfolio website responsive


Poetfreak website social network responsive

Piano Lessons Nottingham

Piano lessons Nottingham England UK website


Pea.rs WordPress library open source website


Open Source PHP dev library CakePHP

YAML Framework

Yet Another Multicolumn Layout CSS framework

Zach Woomer

Zach Woomer responsive website layout

The Copper Tree

The Copper Tree website responsive

The Intro

The Intro responsive website layout

Fringe Development

Responsive Fringe Web Development layout


Bronco website development responsive layout

Design Intellection

Design Intellection responsive layout

Riot HQ

Riot Web Design & Development Team website

Ordered List

Steve Smith web designer developer

George Mason Law School

George Mason University college website responsive

Rachel Nabors

Rachel Nabors freelancer portfolio site responsive


Somewhat mobile design agency responsive layout


Wear Your Belong. responsive layout

Unmatched Style

Unmatched Style responsive website layout

Built with Momentum

Design Agency Built with Momentum

FortySeven Media

Design Agency FortySeven Media responsive layout

Anthony Calzadilla

Anthony Calzadilla website layout responsive

Fray Issue 3

Fray Issue #3 website layout responsive

Joshua Turner

Joshua Turner freelance portfolio responsive


Logout responsive website layout design

Foundation 3.0

Download Zurb Foundation 3.0 layout