Great Gift Ideas for the Social Media Addict

Everyone has someone like this in their life: the person who is permanently attached to their smartphone, checks Facebook upwards of fifteen times a day, tweets, tumbls, uploads to Flickr, blogs, and checks their every move into FourSquare.

So what do you get someone who lives, breathes, and sleeps social media?

The Facebook Junkie

Great Gift Ideas for the Social Media Addict 1

What better gift to get the Facebook addict in your life than Facebook credits? While typically these credits can be purchased directly through Facebook, you can find Facebook credit gift cards in most major retailers including Target and Walmart. Once activated and added to a Facebook account, the credits can be used for all sorts of fun things including playing games and sending virtual gifts.

The Blogger/Tumblr user

Great Gift Ideas for the Social Media Addict 2

If you know someone who blogs, tumbls, or has a website – a domain name (or renewal) can be a great gift. Most people who use Blogger, Blogspot, Tumblr, and other popular blogging software are using a web address that ends with the site’s name. For roughly $12, you can purchase your loved one their very own vanity URL, which they can set up to redirect to their blog.

The vlogger/YouTube user

Great Gift Ideas for the Social Media Addict 3

If you’re shopping for someone who loves to vlog on YouTube, you might want to consider getting them a video camera. There are many social media friendly ones out there, such as the Flip camera, which shoots HD video, has a built in USB key, and features direct uploading to YouTube when connected. These little cameras run about $150, and are great for someone who is limited in their vlogs by a traditional webcam. If that’s a little out of your price range, find out what kind of videos your loved one is making, and get them something related. For instance, if they talk about makeup, you can get them some new items to review in a video.

The Flickr Photographer

Great Gift Ideas for the Social Media Addict 4

If you know someone who loves to take photos and post them online, specifically to Flickr, it’s worth checking to see if they have a pro account. Pro accounts offer all sorts of extra features – such as unlimited uploads and storage, access to download original files, and account statistics. As an added bonus, the site is offering a free photo book if you sign up for a pro account before the end of January. There’s no need for access to your loved one’s account, either – you can register on your own, and purchase a gift membership for another user.

The FourSquare User

Great Gift Ideas for the Social Media Addict 5

A new application called ‘Gifi’ allows you to leave real gifts for a friend virtually via FourSquare. It’s pretty simple: using a social payments company called Venmo, you purchase a virtual gift card for someone at a specific location. For instance, you could leave your friend $20 to spend at a restaurant they frequent. When your friend checks in to that location on FourSquare, they’ll get a text notification letting them know you’ve left credit for them to use at that venue. It’s basically like buying someone a gift card, but with a fun tech twist.

The Tweeter

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Many companies are offering merchandise branded with the Twitter logo, or with cute sayings. There’s a number of Twitter tee shirts available online featuring sayings such as “Stop following me!”. You can also go the book route and grab a copy of “Twitter Wit”, a published collection of the wittiest and funniest tweets.

The Smartphone Owner

Great Gift Ideas for the Social Media Addict 7

If your friend or family member has a smartphone, chances are they have many applications on their phone. While there are a number of free applications available for the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android, there are even more that cost money. Someone who loves apps, but hates paying for them would love to receive App Store credit. Similar to Facebook credits, these can be purchased in gift card form from most retailers. If you want to stay away from gift cards, you can also consider getting your loved one a cool accessory for their phone – such as portable speakers, a protective case, or a docking station.


If none of these options seem right, you can always check websites like Cafe Press, Etsy, and Amazon for themed gift ideas. There is an array of informative books available for all platforms and all user levels. You can also find pillows, tee shirts, mugs, socks, and tons more featuring social media logos, jokes, and images that any web-savvy person would love to find under the tree.



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