Welcome to DevGarage!

I am happy to announce a new Blog for Bloggers, Designers and Developers. I wanted for a long time to launch one blog talking about something i love (Web design and Web development) and this is the time for it.

I’m still learning to work with WordPress and it will take some time to get this project on full speed. I also want to improve my English and nothing better than start writing to improve.

Why is this the time to launch this site? I own Photoshopstar.com since last August. I have studied a lot, not specifically about creating sites (i develop sites for many years) but about WordPress, social media and other stuff where i was a bit behind. After taking over Photoshopstar.com i faced several problems and one was very important to me: site was not maintained. Previous owner was still publishing tutorials but nothing more. Site had lots of problems and I had to give priority to start fixing everything. Which is a problem when someone like me doesn’t have a lot of experience working with WordPress.

Before taking over Photoshopstar.com i was preparing everything to launch a blog talking about web design and web development. To help me grow and to share with readers my experiences and what i think works best. With experience that i gained from working in Photoshopstar.com i think now i can create a better blog.

I already worked a bit on this site in the last few weeks but there is a lot of stuff to do as you can see. I am testing everything in detail and in the future i hope to publish posts explaining what i have done and what has worked and what didn’t.

DevGarage will be one place to learn and with that in mind i already have writers and several articles on queue to publish. In the first months i will posting more beginner articles than advanced articles. Slowly, i will change that strategy. Articles published will be about several topics like WordPress, Social Media, Freelance, SEO, Freebies or Resources among many other topics.

If you have an idea to an article or any other type of comment of what you would like to see on this blog let me know thru comment form below.



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4 Responses

  1. Olivia Rose says:

    I got your newsletter in my email. I am amazed you are dedicated in helping beginners too. I have a WP blog but I have nothing started because I don’t know what I am doing.
    I really want to personalize it but at this time I am unable to purchase a domain. Will your new venture help me learn how to put a good website up? Mine is more personal than business and there may eventually things I would like to sell from my blog.

    I’ll be sending good thoughts and prayers that you are successful.


    • Luis says:

      Thanks Olivia. I will try, together with a team of authors to publish a lot of articles directed to beginners like i mentioned on post.

      This site will grow slow but i hope it will have a lot of good articles to beginners and later on to advanced users.


  2. Joefrey says:

    Good luck with your new blog :)