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Creating Projects with Open Source CMS Web Development


Working as a developer means you have to learn to read source code and project your own needs into each website. You have to learn which projects require a set of codes, and which projects can be created entirely from scratch. This process is learned through enough repetition and skill within the industry.

I want to use this article to discuss some finer points with open source web development. Creating projects based on free CMS’ is often the quickest and simplest way to go. But you need to know how to handle open source scripts and keep yourself from running into a wall. This requires a bit of practice, but also just some time dedicated to playing with your script of choice.

Responsive Design vs Mobile-Targeted Website Layouts


Many advocates towards mobile web design recommend starting with a smaller layout and scaling up through responsive design. This is a popular set of techniques which have been adopted over the past couple of years. However I would argue there is still room for mobile-specific websites in some particular instances.

In this article I’d like to look over the major differences between a single responsive design and two separate desktop/mobile layouts. There are some obvious benefits to both methods but I think the best solution ultimately depends on the type of website. This means freelancers should understand the needs of their clients and which solution works best on any particular project. The design process isn’t always straightforward and usually requires time for introspection.

Home page and Landing Page client-catching content: what readers want


There are so many various names to define the first page of a website that even many graphic designers get confused. Distinguishing among them is very important because each has a different goal. Home page, landing page, squeeze page are only a few examples, and you can probably find even more. All of them represent the very first approach for potential clients to your website.

Putting order in definitions is important to create meaningful content. A valuable first contact can open the door to success. Content and graphic elements not only have to be attractive and beautifully designed but also consistent and aimed towards the intent.

In this article we will see Home Page, Landing Page, Squeeze Page definitions and differences.