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Making LinkedIn Work For You


LinkedIn is a business and professional networking website that has been one of the biggest internet movers and shakers of recent years. It launched in 2003 and passed the 10 million member mark in 2007.

Since then its rate of growth in membership has been astonishing. In late 2010, the site claimed over 85 million members in over 200 countries with members from every Fortune 500 company in the network.

A Comprehensive Guide to the New Facebook Timeline


Facebook have introduced their new timeline profile, which will eventually be applied to all users. Should this concern us?

Well not really, it gives us more control over what is seen by who, but it’s not just a quick swap from the old to the new. You will have to find or create a cover image, and you will have to work through your past posts and photographs to organize your Facebook.

Great Gift Ideas for the Social Media Addict


Everyone has someone like this in their life: the person who is permanently attached to their smartphone, checks Facebook upwards of fifteen times a day, tweets, tumbls, uploads to Flickr, blogs, and checks their every move into FourSquare.