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20 Free HTML Email Newsletter Templates


It is becoming more and more important for companies to promote their products or services as much as possible. The importance of using social media is well documented, but the value of sending a beautiful, regular newsletter to subscribers is enormous. HTML newsletter templates are extremely time-saving, usually customizable to your own requirements, and a pleaure for subcribers to receive. Here we have listed some of the best free HTML email newsletter templates currently available, along with a short round-up of email marketing sites through which you can regularly email your subcribers and target prospective clients.

13 Useful and Free CSS Editors


In this article I decided to list several free CSS editors where you can create and edit CSS files. Some of those editors listed need to be downloaded but many others are available directly from your browser.

I hope you find on this list something useful to help you when working with CSS and don’t forget to check our previously article 14 Useful Sites for Designers.

10 Great PSD to HTML Tutorials


In this article I decided to list some tutorials that teach you how to convert a design from PSD to HTML using CSS3 and latest HTML version.

Today, HTML5 and CSS3 are finally being used but there is still a lack of good and detailed tutorials teaching you how to code one page using this versions. I tried to select the ones I thought were the best but hope to see more tutorials about this topic being published in 2013.

20 Creative Illustrator Text Effect Tutorials


You want to learn how to create text effects in Adobe Illustrator? Look no further. In this article I am listing 20 amazing text effect tutorials that will help you create your own text effects.

With this list of Illustrator text effect tutorials you will learn to create glossy, stitched, folded, grungy, neon and a lot of other type of text effects.

15 Useful Photoshop Photo Effects


I decided to write another useful post, now with a list of 15 Photoshop Photo Effects Tutorials, after receiving great feedback from the previous post.

I tried to select tutorials that will teach you how to do specific things in Photoshop that will help you work with your photos.

14 Useful Sites for Designers


In this article I list several useful tools for designers to simplify their work. Many of these tools are very simple but they allow us to save a lot of time.

28 Exciting New jQuery Tutorials & Plugins


The open source movement has created a lot of new web developers. Over the past decade it’s been common to work on code projects in a private setup. But libraries such as MooTools and jQuery allow for rapid development of newer plugins and add-ons.

In this gallery I’ve collected 28 plugins for jQuery users. Some of the plugins also include a tutorial for building it yourself, but all the links have a free download included. This gives you incredible flexibility when constructing a new website. If you know of any similar JS libraries recently published on the web you can share with us in the comments area below.

30 Free High Quality Sans Serif Fonts


Fonts are the life-blood of a designer’s toolkit, and the bigger the font library, the easier it is for a designer to get projects completed in a shorter space of time. Designers can never have too many fonts, and sans serif fonts are particularly in vogue at the moment.

Here we are bringing you a selection of 30 free, high quality sans serif fonts. Please check out the license for each font – they are all free for personal use, but may not be so for commercial use.

40 Highly Usable PSD Files for Designers


Designers have a very creative and difficult job, and finding images for their designs can be one of the more tedious aspects of their profession.

PSD files can help a great deal in design work as they are supplied with all the layers, making them completely editable by the designer.

20 Great Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials


If you want to learn to create text effects with Photoshop then you should read this article where I list some great tutorials.

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