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20 Free HTML Email Newsletter Templates


It is becoming more and more important for companies to promote their products or services as much as possible. The importance of using social media is well documented, but the value of sending a beautiful, regular newsletter to subscribers is enormous. HTML newsletter templates are extremely time-saving, usually customizable to your own requirements, and a pleaure for subcribers to receive. Here we have listed some of the best free HTML email newsletter templates currently available, along with a short round-up of email marketing sites through which you can regularly email your subcribers and target prospective clients.

30 Outstanding Examples of Macro Photography

30 Outstanding Examples of Macro Photography

Macro photography gives us the opportunity to see our world in a little more detail and from some different and interesting angles. Macro lenses are capable of achieving higher magnification than life size, enabling the photographer to show us things we can’t see with the naked eye, such as insect eyes. Here is a selection of some outstanding examples of macro photography bringing us closer to nature.

25+ Beautifully Designed Animal-Related Websites

Beautifully Designed Animal-Related Websites

Animal-related websites, you would think, would be stunning in their design… after all, they have the most photogenic of subjects to work with, and coupled with a wildlife-type theme, the resulting designs could be outstanding. However, this genre of website design seems to have been, in the most part, left behind in terms of producing the ‘wow’ factor, ease of navigation and lots of whitespace so visitors can find exactly what they are looking for in the least time possible.

So here is a round-up of some animal-related sites that have moved their designs into the 21st Century and make an impact either through their great design or ease of navigation or both.

30+ Amazing Examples of Surreal Photography

30+ Amazing Examples of Surreal Photography

Surreal art, according to Wikipedia is ‘work featuring the element of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions and non sequitur…’

Surrealism until relatively recently was to be found mainly in traditional art, the most famous surreal artist being Salvador Dali.

These days, with the growth of digital art, there are many surreal photo manipulations, digital drawings as well as, of course, traditional art. Surrealism can also be seen in photography. The requirements for a good surreal photograph are many and varied – it may be a weather condition, a shot of a reflection, a different angle/perspective or a completely set up composition.

35 Beautiful and Usable Minimal Desktop Wallpapers

35 Beautiful and Usable Minimal Desktop Wallpapers

Wallpaper seems to be a very important part of computer users’ libraries these days. If you keep a lot of icons on your desktop, a busy wallpaper will only hinder you navigating your computer. That’s where minimal wallpapers come in to their own – you have lots of space for loads of icons to be seen clearly.

Here we have selected 35 stunning minimal wallpapers for your pleasure, whether your preference is a light or dark wallpaper, there should be something here for every taste.

30 Free High Quality Sans Serif Fonts


Fonts are the life-blood of a designer’s toolkit, and the bigger the font library, the easier it is for a designer to get projects completed in a shorter space of time. Designers can never have too many fonts, and sans serif fonts are particularly in vogue at the moment.

Here we are bringing you a selection of 30 free, high quality sans serif fonts. Please check out the license for each font – they are all free for personal use, but may not be so for commercial use.

40 Highly Usable PSD Files for Designers


Designers have a very creative and difficult job, and finding images for their designs can be one of the more tedious aspects of their profession.

PSD files can help a great deal in design work as they are supplied with all the layers, making them completely editable by the designer.

Ribbons in Website Design: Showcase & Resources


There are some up and coming trends for 2012, but none seem to have taken quite such a hold as the use of ribbons in web design.

You can see ribbons used for navigation menus, as part of the brand logo, as title banners, as date tags and in many more ways.

Some designers have combined the new ribbon trend with other new trends such as using a background image, and some have incorporated ribbons with die-hard trends such as minimalism and grunge.

A Comprehensive Guide to the New Facebook Timeline


Facebook have introduced their new timeline profile, which will eventually be applied to all users. Should this concern us?

Well not really, it gives us more control over what is seen by who, but it’s not just a quick swap from the old to the new. You will have to find or create a cover image, and you will have to work through your past posts and photographs to organize your Facebook.